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30 Apr Zombies…

On my checklist of things to do in life – “make a zombie movie, in one week, with only high school kids as the cast and crew” has finally been checked off.

An old buddy of mine, Steve Chabon, who is currently the Dean at a local high school (how the hell they trusted putting him in charge of kids is beyond me), recently asked if I would come teach a filmmaking seminar at the school’s career week. Having no interest in lecturing snotty high school kids, I agreed to participate if instead I could make a film with them.

So in one week, for no money, and with kids who have never been on a film set before, never acted on camera before, and never been zombies before, together we created the epic film: The Curse of Moogooguypan.

I must say, I’m very proud of these kids. Every single one of them dove in head first, becoming Camera Operators, Production Managers, Script Supervisors, Actors and Editors.

So in the spirit of Evil Dead here is The Curse of Moogooguypan. Sure to become a cult classic… at least at College Preparatory High School. Congratulations, Zombie kids. Hollywood ain’t got nothing on you.

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