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Welcome aboard my cyber-life-spaceship!

12 Jun Welcome aboard my cyber-life-spaceship!

I’ve avoided this moment for as long as possible, but now it’s time for me to finally show up at the party. So here I am, Cyber-Mike, all over your inter-webs!

My Facebook Fan page is here. I’ve been told to ask people to “like” me, which sounds a bit vulgar, but is apparently a necessary evil. 

Here is my Twitter-thingamajig. Hopefully I will find some creative way of using it, which doesn’t involve sentences like “Today I had for lunch…” or “Check out this meaningless viral video which you most likely have already seen…” 

I also have a Google+  (no clue what that means) and a YouTube Channel with all sorts of embarrassing videos (not really.)

Finally and most important, I have a new Website www.michaelagoorjian.com (I used to own michaelgoorjian.com until some Ukrainian guy ran off with it while I wasn’t looking and is now holding it ransom. Pretty creepy.) This new site has everything you need to know about me, and more. There are lots of pictures and videos, new and old, and I will be posting information about whatever new projects I’m involved in. The website was designed by my new hero Kristi Curry. I think she did an amazing job and I’m very grateful.

So there you have it. Welcome aboard Mike’s cyber-life-spaceship!  

  • Sharone Goe
    Posted at 19:10h, 12 June

    Yay Mikey and Michael* Will forever be inspired, supportive, a friend and fan* Great seeing all your amazing ‘stuff.’ AKA Work* Congrats.

  • Elizabeth Leslie
    Posted at 12:37h, 13 June

    Congratulations on this exciting milestone. As a communications professional, I understand the hesitation but I believe people learn in different ways and using many mediums to reach people with your important, touch work is essential! KUDOS! Much love to you – E xo

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