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18 Oct Philosophical Fiction: A Subgenre You Need To Know About (My Top 9 + 1)

For me it started with the novel Demian by Herman Hesse. I was meant to read it for an English class; however, I’m fairly certain that I skimmed the book then faked my way through the test (sorry Miss Kolsrud). But, as instructed, I had bought my own copy and thankfully held onto it. It was several years later, after the prison camp of forced learning called high school was over, that I returned to Demian. With its spooky, Freudian cover art, I intuitively knew there was something important waiting for me within its pages. I was traveling in the Czech Republic...

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22 May Beatrice Novel Update

Revising (aka a boring kind of madness) The relationship between madness and genius has been well romanticized over the years both in society at large as well as my much larger ego. Mozart, Van Gogh, Kurt Cobain, all had the crazies, a gateway to those abstract lands where the sparks of originality can ignite the flames of immortal greatness…or some such malarkey. Well, recently I’ve been learning about another type of creative madness, the less attractive younger brother of that sexy artistic insanity. This form of crazy can best be summed up by that commonly memed catch phrase – “madness is repeating...

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