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Writing Ritual #1 – My love of The Getty

27 Aug Writing Ritual #1 – My love of The Getty

I’m a believer in creating ritual/routines to help me get through any tough job. For writing, I need as much help as possible. And for some reason I prefer being out and about when I write rather than sitting at home (I get antsy). Cafes and occasionally wine bars are where I’ll usually end up but there are a few places I’ve found that are even better.

One my favorite writing spots is the Getty Museum in LA. Entrance to the museum is free, they just charge for parking your car, but since I ride a motorcycle, parking is free. I’ll ride the tram up the hill (which feels a little like something from Disneyland), then I’ll go and find one of the less crowded galleries and sit and write for an hour or so. After that I’ll usually take a break and walk around outside or check out whatever the new exhibit is (there’s a free coat and bag check if I don’t feel like lugging my computer around). I try to then do a little more writing before taking a break for lunch (the cafeteria at the Getty is extremely good and inexpensive). And finally, if the battery on my laptop is low, I’ll head over to the research library and work for a little while longer.

More writing rituals to come…

  • Brandon Rabe
    Posted at 14:23h, 27 August

    Its wonderful to read about how you get inspiration. Ive always been writing ever since i was very young, had a few poems published in a few children’s books many many years ago, and continued through high school with a passion for writing. I actually went to college to be a journalist and creative writer, and wanted to pursue a career in teaching. I lost the passion somewhere along the lines when magic came into my life, but I still find myself wanting to express myself through writings, and sometimes i ghost write for friends and family. But if you ever want to come to Munich for a spell, I have a place here next to a beautiful lake called Starnberg See. Would love to have you out here Mikey. Take care, and send love to Julie. -Brandon and Nici

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