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Going Back to Acting…

25 Apr Going Back to Acting…

After a long hiatus spent directing and writing, it looks like I might go back to acting sooner than I had planned. Filmmaker and friend James Merendino has a sequel planned for a movie I did a while back called SLC Punk. And although my character Heroine Bob died in that film, the plot of the sequel involved Bob in a very interesting way (sorry, not allowed to reveal how.)

The movie is called “Punk’s Dead”. You can check out their Facebook page here. I’ll be doing an online Q&A session on Wednesday, May 1 at 8pm EST. Tune in on the Punk’s Dead Facebook timeline .

Other news — Still working on Beatrice the novel. I’m four months late turning it in to the publisher, but only because I’ve been working night and day on it. Writing a novel is by far one of the toughest things I’ve ever done.


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