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24 Nov Yerevan Magazine Feature

I have the privilege of being featured in the Nov/Dec 2012 issue of Yerevan Magazine, a publication for the Armenian community (of which I'm a proud member). Read an excerpt of the article below. The Illusionist "Michael A. Goorjian’s work extends across all borders and media. In his career, he has assumed a number of roles and has been labeled as a dancer, actor, writer, director, producer, and more recently, an author. The contributions he has made in his career place him in a unique position of existing outside of labels as an artist who has a desire for finding projects that...

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24 Oct Preparing for Palazzo 2012

Wow, October flew by. I took a break from writing "Beatrice" to run off with my circus family again, this time to Nuremberg, German. Despite over indulging in German beer, sausages and sauerkraut, rehearsals for the new "Graf Show" went smoothly (I didn't even lose my voice this time!)  It's always a rush to get the show up and running but I really did have a wonderful time directing again and feel sure that this season will be a tremendous success. Rumor has it that next year we'll be in Berlin!!! To find out more about "The Graf Show" at...

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07 Sep Writing Ritual #2 – Amtrak

Most people laugh at me when I tell them I take the train when I travel between Los Angeles and the Bay Area. "Why do you take the train? Flying is so much faster." Exactly. The Coast Starlight, which travels along the California coast, takes about 10 hours to get you from one city to the other. The idea that the best means of travel is always based on how fast one can get from A to B is, in my opinion, silly. The experience of traveling can be just as important. So instead of the high anxiety of airports, TSA strip-searches, and screaming babies during take-off, I spend the day riding the train and getting my work done.
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27 Aug Writing Ritual #1 – My love of The Getty

I'm a believer in creating ritual/routines to help me get through any tough job. For writing, I need as much help as possible. And for some reason I prefer being out and about when I write rather than sitting at home (I get antsy). Cafes and occasionally wine bars are where I'll usually end up but there are a few places I've found that are even better. One my favorite writing spots is the Getty Museum in LA. Entrance to the museum is free, they just charge for parking your car, but since I ride a motorcycle, parking is free. I'll...

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07 Aug Who Is Beatrice?

I wanted to share some good news - today I signed a three-book deal with Hay House Publications to write a trilogy I’ve been working on, currently titled The Sphere of Attention. The first book in the series, entitled Beatrice, will be released in 2013. And yes, for those of you that know, the novel Beatrice will be based on my screenplay with the same title. Usually, people write a book first and then get asked to do the movie version...

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31 Jul New Music Video

Here's a new music video I directed for Xander Smith - Xander is a great singer/songwriter and friend. His new album Hey San Pedro is one of my current favorites; every track is a gem.  This sweet and simple video is for a track called "Oh Caitlin."  We shot it in a couple hours outside his place in LA, with no script and no preconception of what we'd do. Sometimes improv filmmaking can be the best! Check it out, and check out Xander's album Hey San Pedro at XanderSmithMusic.com. ...

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