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WLBtS Cover ArtSo, I’m going to start blogging again.

“Uh…Why?,” I ask myself (and you may be joining me), “especially when there are so many voices out there, all yelling at the same time, eating away at what little silence there is left in the world.”

Well, I’m doing it because I have a number of things that I think are worth sharing. I don’t mean my political opinion, pictures of my chicken salad, or cat videos… although I am fond of cats.

I wrote a book and I’d like people to know about it. Formally titled, Beatrice, now retitled, What Lies Beyond the Stars. It comes out October 26th, 2016 through Hay House Publishing. It took me four years to write. The story itself I’ve been developing for over 20 years.

Artistically speaking, my career has been all over the map. I’ve been a dancer, an actor, a director, a screenwriter, an editor, a choreographer, a circus director (no joke). Nothing I’ve done has been harder than writing this book, and there is nothing I’m more proud of.

So, there you have it. More to come about the book—what it’s about, the people who inspired it, the various levels of hell I descended through to finish it (yes, there’s a Dante theme going on).

– M. Goorjian

PS If you’re like me and have been working on an artistic project forever, and are sick of hearing about all the ‘geniuses’ out there who can pump out their latest masterpiece in a weekend, I strongly recommend listening to Malcolm Gladwell’s podcast Revisionist History, Episode 07, “Hallelujah”. Not all good art happens fast.

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