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Author: Michael

17 Jun Happy Father’s Day!

For Father's Day, Hay House is doing a free screening of "My Greatest Teacher." This is one of the films from the Tales of Everyday Magic series I'm doing for them. Check it out.      ...

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12 Jun Welcome aboard my cyber-life-spaceship!

I've avoided this moment for as long as possible, but now it’s time for me to finally show up at the party. So here I am, Cyber-Mike, all over your inter-webs! My Facebook Fan page is here. I’ve been told to ask people to “like” me, which sounds a bit vulgar, but is apparently a necessary evil.  Here is my Twitter-thingamajig. Hopefully I will find some creative way of using it, which doesn’t involve sentences like “Today I had for lunch…” or “Check out this meaningless viral video which you most likely have already seen…”  I also have a Google+  (no clue what...

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07 Jun TOEM – 1st Four Episodes

This is a new film anthology that I created for Hay House. Great stories, great acting, great production value. Watch trailers and read more about the series here. Right now the first four films are available exclusively thru Hay House. If enough people like them I’ll get to shoot some more. So tell your friends!  ...

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07 Jun Beatrice – The Novel

“Who am I?” - “Why am I alive?” - “Why must I die?” - “What is the sense and meaning of life itself?” For many, questions like these tend to fade into the “childish” category as we enter the “adult” world. For me, they did not. Beatrice is a psychological adventure into some of those pesky “childish” questions. Set in the opposing worlds of the San Francisco high-tech computer industry and the hauntingly rustic town of Mendocino, California, the story follows a similar dichotomy between mankind’s two opposing natures – an outward ambition and inward search for meaning. Further updates to come.  ...

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