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During the summer of 1996, investigative reporter, Eliot Richmond, stumbled upon the existence of underground occult activity in his hometown of Oakland, California. Determined to uncover the “truth,” Eliot and his rag-tag documentary film crew quickly became intangled in a web of mystery, adventure and life-threatening…Chaos Magick!


Smart, funny and absolutely original. If Waiting for Guffman and Blair Witch had an abandoned love child, it’s name would be Oakland Underground. Written and directed by Michael Goorjian. Starring Ron Marasco, Chris Ferreira, and Ron Garcia.


Fun Fact from Michael: This film was shot in 8 days and was totally improvised. For the scene in which a West Oakland gang steals the camera from the film crew and starts making their own documentary, we found the guys to play the gang members at a gas station up the street from where we were shooting.


They had never acted before but agreed to come do the scene. Needless to say they were fantastic. Not only that, but two years later when I had finally gotten the film edited and had a screening at the Grand Lake theater in Oakland, one of the guys who played a gang member showed up to see the film with his mother. After the screening, his mother with told me that her son was so affected by his one experience on set that he had since gone back to school and was now studying film at a local college.