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Illusion is a love story pairing Christopher Baines (Michael Goorjian) with Isabelle (Karen Tucker) in a dance of thwarted intentions. But it is Christopher’s father, Donald Baines, played by the legendary Kirk Douglas in a luminous performance, who may hold the key to their future. Donald, on his deathbed, regrets having forgone love in his life for the sake of his career, his biggest regret abandoning Christopher, his illegitimate son, 30 years earlier. With some “magical” help from Stan (Ron Marasco), a long-deceased favorite film editor, Donald is shown three films — three visions — each representing a different period of Christopher’s life, which reflect the impact of his abandonment. In a romantic homage to Capra’s classic It’s A Wonderful Life, Goorjian masterfully leads us through the yearnings, dangers, and possibilities for redemption that we all face. This is terrific storytelling of the drama of life, love, and death, with texture and tone that lead us to question: how real and immutable is this life we lead; how much of it is just a fable, a dream, an Illusion? A treat for heart and soul.

Starring Kirk Douglas and Michael Goorjian

“Heartfelt and touching…ILLUSION, based on an ambitious and classical premise, is passionately made by a young and promising actor/filmmaker.” – Francis Ford Coppola


“It’s unlike anything else to come along in years.” – Mick LaSalle, San Francisco Chronicle


“Compelling, exciting drama… Terrific storytelling… Thoughtful, funny, unforgettable!” – Jan Wahl, KRON TV, KCBS RADIO


“A beautifully crafted fable about what really matters at the end of the road.” – Kirby Marcantonio, EAST HAMPTON LIFE


“‘Illusion’ is enjoyable as a quiet ode to the magic of cinema; to the way that movies can lift our spirits and inspire us.” – The Seattle Times


Best Feature – Tahoe Reno Film Festival

Audience Award – Sonoma Valley Film Festival

Best Screenplay – The Hamptons Film Festival

Audience Award – Spiritual Cinema Festival At Sea

Best Feature – Spiritual Cinema Festival At Sea

Audience Award – Inspiration Film Festival

Best Feature – Inspiration Film Festival


Fun Fact from Michael:

I started shooting Illusion with no script, no money and a borrowed camera from Frances Ford Coppola (he didn’t even know we had borrowed it until later on). Over the course of a year, we shot first three sections (three visions) of the film that had to do with the son, Christopher. Then two years later, after getting enough financing, we approached Kirk Douglas to play the role of the father, Donald Baines, and were finally able to shoot the remainder of the film.