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After a long break from directing (I was busy promoting “Illusion”) I agreed to participate in a 48 hour film festival hosted by Elevate in Los Angeles. For those who don’t know, a 48 hour film is…well, made in 48 hours. You receive a script, rush to find actors-locations-props, rush to shoot, rush to edit and score and then rush to hand it over in time so it can be screened and judged (in our case it was screened at the John Hanson Ford Theater in Los Angeles in front of about 4 thousand people.)


It just so happens that the weekend we participated in this festival Los Angeles had one of the worst heat waves in recent history. Regardless the film turned out pretty well and we ended up sweeping the awards.


Fun fact — The billboard at the end of the film is in fact a real billboard that we happened to spot while shooting, and quickly incorporated it into the story.