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“The Graf Show” (Graf means Count) is a 4 hour-cabaret-musical-candlelight dinner-circus-extravaganza, which Michael Goorjian helped create with his good friend illusionist Evgeniy Voronin. The show is performed in a different European city every winter season in a Palazzo Spiegeltent (Spiegel means Mirror.) An evening at Palazzo is one of those moments that will remain in your heart forever. Acrobats and award-winning artistes from international festivals create a show poised between ethereal poetry and tempestuous élan. In the unique atmosphere and timeless elegance of the “Spiegelpalast” palace of mirrors, Palazzo treats its guests to the indulgent luxury of an exquisite four-course meal designed by one of Europe’s top chefs. Palazzo is a unique blend of haute cuisine and first class entertainment. It is the culmination of details arranged to perfection; the show, music, lights, food, service, and atmosphere are all precisely attuned to one another, coming together to form a rapturous feast for the senses.