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  • Philosophical Fiction: A Subgenre You Need To Know About (My Top 9 + 1)

    For me it started with the novel Demian by Herman Hesse. I was meant to read it for an English class; however, I’m fairly certain that I skimmed the book then faked my way through the test (sorry Miss...

  • Happy 90th Birthday Louise Hay!

    Happy 90th Birthday Louise Hay! The best job interview I ever had was with Louise Hay. It was to direct a documentary about her life and the many incredible things she has accomplished. The problem wa...

  • Acting Lessons with Dr. Wayne Dyer

    I take a deep breath then knock. The door opens and I see Dr. Wayne Dyer standing there with a smile, “Good morning, Alan. Come on in.” “Hi Dr. Johnson,” I say, nervously. “Sorry I’m a little late—” “...